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World Championship runner-up Estate Master arrives on the circuit 

The Italian boys aboard Alberto Rossi's Enfant Terrible are hoping for a repeat of the boat speed and crew work they displayed while winning the Midwinter Championship. Class president Martin Hill and the Estate Master team arrive from Australia looking to build on their impressive second place finish at the 2014 Rolex World Championship. Gordon Leon and his amateur crew sailing Foil are trying to represent host Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club by capturing the Corinthian Division.

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Voodoo Chile winners credit Pete HarmsenVoodoo Chile credit Pete Harmsen

Media Release

28 March 2015

It’s been a four year endeavour and this afternoon the Tasmanian crew on Voodoo Chile were declared Australian Farr 40 champions.

“We first came up to Sydney in 2008 and went away with our tail between our legs,” said a glowing Andrew Hunn, co-owner of Voodoo with his boat partner of eight years, Lloyd Clark. “In 2011 we finished top ten at the worlds in Sydney and decided we would build on that.

We are fully chuffed to have pulled this regatta off. It’s fantastic to get up because of the competition; I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a battle for second.” 

Hunn said it was an honour to sail their final three of a 12 race series on Sydney Harbour in front of yachting legend Sir James Hardy and Farr 40 class manager Geoff Stagg, out from the USA for a site recce for next year’s Rolex Farr 40 World Championship in Sydney.  

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JCJ Nationals 2015 Gordon Ketelbeys Zen credit Pete HarmsenJCJ Nationals 2015 Gordon Ketelbeys Zen credit Pete HarmsenMedia Release

27 March 2015

A “brain-boggler” second day at the Farr 40 nationals on Sydney Harbour is Transfusion crewman Will Mackenzie’s take on the five race outing where vexed tacticians made calls then crossed their fingers and hoped for the best, three different owners claimed bullets from five races, and there’s a new pointscore leader.

Andrew Hunn and Lloyd Clark’s Voodoo Chile is ahead by a six point break over Guido Belgiorno-Nettis’ Transfusion. Two wins for Gordon Ketelbey and tactician Sean Kirkjian shuffled Zen up into third, two points behind Transfusion, and makes them lead Corinthian entry.

“We are ahead but it’s not comfortable. It never is in this fleet, we push each other the whole way,” said Voodoo’s tactician David Chapman. Though Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron is his home club and he knows the harbour from north to south, Chapman found today maddening in terms of decision making. When a westerly breeze drops out to 5 knots then gusts under the Sydney Harbour Bridge at 20kts and flicks left and right, from WSW to WNW and back again, there is no harder job than a tactician’s.

“It was horrible. We just tried to stay in phase, sometimes even if you are in a lift or knock you have to continue with it to find a bigger shift,” Chapman said. “There wasn’t much of a pattern and it was very easy to get it wrong. It was great to see Zen get two bullets as class newcomers.”

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