8-11 September 2004
St. Francis Yacht Club
San Francisco, CA USA

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Regatta Forms

The Entry Form must be completed and returned to the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. Entry fees are now € 1,500 Euro.

Each owner/charterer/substitute helmsman must be a member of the class association and carry a valid one design certificate on board at all times during racing. The Class Association Application must be completed and returned to Farr International along with the appropriate funds in order to be eligible to race.

Appendix 8 of the Farr 40 Rule Book which governs helmsmen eligibility needs to be completed by the owner, charterer, substitute and any relief helmsman at least two weeks before the event if they have not already done so for a previous regatta this year. The owner only needs to be approved once by the Committee. Chartering and substitute helmsmen are approved on an event by event basis. Relief helmsmen are approved for two years.

Crew Classification - US Sailing is no longer issuing competitor classification rulings and all US Sailing rulings expired at the end of 2003. All amateur competitors must now have a classification with ISAF. To apply to ISAF, please click HERE. Application to ISAF is a 2 step process - you must first register with ISAF Sailor to receive a user name and password. Once you receive this, you must then log in to ISAF Sailor to complete the application for classification. Please make sure you complete both steps.

You are allowed four pros (Group 2 or 3) on the boat, everyone else must be a Group 1. We verify all Group 1 crew members before each regatta.

The Sail/Crew Declaration must be submitted to Farr International at least two weeks prior to each regatta and must include crew members and their Group ratings. The sail declaration portion may be completed during the regatta measurement/inspection process or per instructions from the regional class administrator.

Each boat must complete the Yacht Owner Compliance Declaration. This form must be signed by all owners or charterers, the tactician and the boat captain and submitted prior to the start of the first race.